Heeeeeey peeeeps 😀
credits are to Rowena

Yeap yeap, went out w/ Rowena& Shixuan 😀 Going out with ’em is super fun please ! 😀
So, reached Hougang th earliest, so went toliet to slack first, as th rest haven’t reach . Saw Lina& Julia ! so suprising, kinda (x Okay, so met Shixuab at mrt, was laughing/ joking while waiting for Rowena . Crazy girl uh you, Shixuan ! 😀 On th way there, we were super random la ! we’ll be like looking at each other, & suddenly laughing !

Reached vivo, saw Yi-nyn ! OMG. long time no see her !
Okay okay, so went to get our movie tickets, so damn long queue please . Then, we took quite long to decide on our movie, & can see th guy was quite irritated by us . & then went to LJS for lunch . Haaah, we were like totally insane, laughing there & making fun of Shixuan kinda thing .
(Pssssst, Shixuan is nice to bully please ! she don’t get angry easily (x)

tall, taller, tallest !

Then after that, went to walk around, went to th top, somehow ?
OMG, i hate there please, so many dragon flies )x i hate dragon flies, though Sx & Rowena say it’s cute, like eeeeeeeeeeew ? Anws, we cam-whored there 😀 & omg, shixuan got so many cuts, on her hand + legs . Went to daiso, actually wanted to buy plaster, but who knows Shixuan got 3 boxes of ’em at home, & also, HAHA . Wanted to buy red comb, in th end forgotten to Dx
Chatted about flirts & people who flirt from our school, interesting topic huh ! & then went to 7-11 & got 3 cups of slurpees, & 2 pacs of potato chips . smugged ’em in into thh cinema, thanks to me & rowena’s big bag bag (x

Journey to th centre of th earth !
Okay, so that was what we watched . Was friggin nice & exciting larhs ! During th movie was like, super funny . During those exciting/ scary parts, i would like suddenly laugh outfor no reasons, yeap, super funny !
Ohoh, & I love hunnn damn much please, she found me th dance pants, so like, we got th same dance pants now 😀 okay, it’s like $30, quite ex . Freak, i’m money-less recently la !

Anws anws, we went Toys R’ Us after that . Omgomg, we feel like’ kids again 😀 We played we super lots’a toys, saying about barbies & teletubies . & we also cam-whored with toys 😀 Omgomg, so many cookiemonsters there, & eeyeors too ! Plusplus, Rowena’s tigger . Neverthless, we ain’t old marh, we’re still kids 😀 HEHE . & we also spent friggin long of our time there!

& you go, pokeeee, *OOOPS*
I love you, you love me, we are happy fa-mi-ly ~

Okay like, Shixuan got test tml, so we decided to go home early .
In th mrt, we were chatting again~ HAHA, Shixuan’s stalker ! Eeeeeh, she so evil, don’t let us listen th fone for her Dx Evil rights ! Anws, goodluck for your test tml uh !
& signing off!
Ps/ I love going out with them 😀

PPS/ Don’t get discouraged ass !