Helllooo people :DD

Haaah, its been ages since morning rain !
Okay, like, rain rain 😀 loves rain ! & i kena so many mosquitoes biteS -soooo coool llllaaaar, i am so lame. To be honest, i have nothing to type right now .

before anything, i’ve got something to ask !
When someone welcomes you back, do you say no problem ? -.-!

&I’ve got many things troubling me now Dx
*beware : What comes out next are my rantings*

1. I couldn’t find a dance pants !
AYEEEEES ! What am i going to do ?! * shake head * been to novena, cotton on ! Don’t have th pants leeeeh . Gosh, gonna be so dead on wed Dx SOMEONE ! read this friggin thing, & help me please !

GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Freak manexsz, i’ve so many clothes to pass down, well, now my cupboard is friggin empty please . Choosing what to wear do spoil one’s day please Dx
BUTBUT! i’m so looking forward to tomorrow, going out with Rowena & Shixuan ! Raawr, so long since i’ve been out with friends larh ! Okay, we also drifted alot right ? now’s our time to get back larh ! <3s .

3. I don’t know what URL/Blogskin to change to !
I’m sick of my blogskin already ! i have friggin no inspiration lar ! & URL ! i’m thinking to private my blog, for some reasons, before that i need to change my url first lar Dx Help me think, & give you suggestions please people !

okay, so long for now, i’ll be troubling myself with more things Dx
& plus, i’ve got so many scratches on my leg hand etc, thanks to —–> FEEBEE ! RAWR .

xoxo 😀