Happy 43 to S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E !
There’s more history to come by, 43 years of tears, laughter and hopes 😀

& , Happy one month to Beaunice& Weane
Last long long together, rights? Sorry didn’t save enough for you 2 presents /:

Today’s a rather boring day . Yeap, holidays/ weekends do bore me once in awhile, though i’ll be looking forward to them certain weekdays .

Rights, actually wanted to go out w/ Wilfred/Rowena … Well, typical parents, ” you always go out, i nvr see you stay at home & study ” Gaaah, since when i always go out? nevertheless, it’s for my own good /:
Okay, what i did at home was rather typical to those who stay at home rotting, did homework/use th comp/watch teevee etc .. & i played with my darling too(: —> FEEBEE ~

In th afternoon, went for this management lunch thing . It suppose to be a bbq ? Anws, th food there sucks please, so lil variety, food there was cold etc .. Aikes !
Okay, got my food, went to th playground & eat . Mummy came to join in . Daddy was like, why you all so anti social one? then pulled us sit by th poolside . Baaaah , is that called very social ? hur, it’s like so bored down there . & actually i didn’t wanna go, but was forced . Was hungry, & if i don’t go, i don’t have food to eat /:

Yeap, that’s it. Think i’m going to Novena & get my dance pants . Think so ? But i wanna stay at home instead /: hope tonight, th fireworks can be seen at my hse (; This year, decided not to squeeze like pancake . Well, don’t know, maybe going/ maybe not .

th 2 sweet pic of my beloved sweet below, was bought from Japan from jojo 😀

Okay so, till then 😀