Helloooo people πŸ˜€

Waitwait, before anything, shall announce my lit results πŸ˜€
i’ve got friggin 20/25 :DDDD -satisfied girl-
Unexpected please, since when i ever scored so high for my lit, futhermore crappy answers 😑

blah blahss … alrights, was literature, & then science .
Oh boring! chem CT is coming ready, in maybe 1 week or so Dx but, next week is full of praticals :DDDD Since this week lab was close, didn’t get to do any prac, well so it’s like next week πŸ˜€


was maths then . Maths was about oh-so-boring graph Dx
Blaah blaaaah, not fair, didn’t get back maths paper today, i tell you i’m going crazy over maths paper leeeeeh /: Seems like i’ve become more & more nerdy ayes? 😑 No larh, i bluff you want [:

Had dance/ rehearsal @ 2.30
Was tiring, & my singlet was like over big, had to borrow tube, zhao geng 😑 Thanks Audrey jie& th 2 person (cannot rmb their names;x) ;D but anws, had great fun luh . Just that, Desiree screwed her steps . Had extra practise till 6.30, gosh .
alrights, then went hgm, bought something [:

Rights, afew more hours before Lina darling’s birthdaeeee [:
& right, counting down to next monday, an outing w/ Sx β™₯ x10 & Rβ™₯wena ! we’ve been drifting luhs !
Hahahaham & 2 more daaaaays, NDP ! Yaayeeee, excited yet nervous, GOSH 😑