Heeey people .

Graaaahs, i don’t have anymore brainjuice to remember anything more.
Weell, guess only dance .
Hmmmmx, dance dance dance … a count down of afew more ddays (; Like what i’ve said, excited yet nevous . Had extraa practice today, super duper uber tiring, haah . & like what, we stayed back while more for like rehearsing 1 or maybe 2 more time ..
not enough eneergy! okay agreed on that, but rights, once all energy is used up, how can we find more energy ? lol .

after dance, slacked around, went toilet to retie hair, saw band practise .
Lmao, their dance step is so cute mansxz! especially seeing ruijun dancing, HOHO ! & woah, th band major is soooo lame playing th friggin stick larh . & it dropped on th floor /:
Went to buy bubble tea after that, & followed Chloe to popular, & went home with Beaunice (:

Time passes so fast, like, 7 months already . I still couldn’t catch up with time .. i am going to miss you Dx