Hello peopleee!

issn’t he cuuuute ?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

the changing point rocks πŸ˜€

Test test test, ARGHS!
This whole week, so much tests . SIAN !
Arghs, there’s many tests this & next week, very very very very very very very S-I-A-N ! Believe me, test sucks , BAAAAAAH .

Sooooo, lessons today are oh-so-bored ! weeeell, ytd slept till late, as went for gugu’s birthday dinner, came home & chiong homework, gaaaaahs D:
I did try to not to sleep in class okay, i kinda succeeded man! Had this preparing-for-hist.-test test, haha, was like, quite easy narhs. I did finish quite fast, checked over once, & went soundly to sleeep :DDDD COOL MANXSZ !

After school,
Went KFC w/ minjun . Haah, ate & chat . After that, Beaunice& Lina came to find us . Awhile later, Lina left .
Weeeeell, we went walking ard, saw this people testing th candy floss machine, we stand ard to kpo kpo, then when th ladayeee did finish th candy floss, SHE GAVE IT TO US! :DD Hohoho, being KPO has advantage one okaaaay . HAHA .
After that, we went to top, bought my purple hair maskara, Beaunice bought eletric blue one πŸ˜€ Beaunice uh, CHEERUP MANSXZ !

Candyflosssss ! :DDDDD
IMAGINE MJ becomes a emo-girl thing !
xoxo πŸ˜€