First thing first, Happy 15th Shixuan!
Thankyou for your lollipop& your small lil note luh 😀 Smile always, alrights ! Well, hope you like th present anws 😀 & i spent my whole night for your card, be honoured!

School life was normal ,
Like some craaaps, today had lit test .
YOU KNOW WHAT? I sacrified my precious recess just for th dumbdumb lit test, but i’m flunki-ing it -.-! I didn’t really memorized anything luh, so yup .. & i only ate at 2.30 Dx
LCE today was kinda about Singapore history . When cher’ on-ing th video on ‘my people my home’ MV thing, i jitao go toliet , LOL 😡
Haah, in th morning, i wasn’t sleepy ya’ know, i was gradually getting sleepy during lessons, still i did tried to perserver, kinda failed, half half xD Can’t blame me for falling asleep, ‘chers were saying bed time stories, who would’nt fall asleeep ?
Gaaah, i know i didn’t have enuf’ sleep last night, today i’ll try to get my ass off to bed by 11 😀 Good girl, ain’t i ? /:
Lessons could be soooooooooooooo boring, if people around me don’t lame, lucky ennuf, that Jeffrey & meimei always crack jokes, can’t help laughing! Like eng, you’all should have seen what meimei write, ROFL!

&& ! I had my hair thinned, kind . My gosh, it’s thin as a bamboo stick, or maybe thinner? Eff, i don’t feel like going school tommorrow, as i think its quite weird ? Hoho! laugh la laugh la /:
Ohoh, had my eye check up, after that . I’ma happy kid now, as my degree only raised 50 Degrees . But, daddy say 50 degree to change a spec is not worth Dx Haah, don’t care, gonna get my glasses changed 😀

Well, that’s for now /:

xoxo .