Hoooh , school was abnormal . Abnormal, till like usual, too normal .

Sci, Heeeh GOLDFISH IS GONE GONE GONE ! Gone for good okay . hmm, so back to mr leow, chem . Well, i don’t really like chem too, i love bio 😀
Gahs, happy or what? Sci test chnge to nxt mon, hohoho!

Next was PE, Mr ong didn’t come, at first we couldn’t have PE, but thanks to Nigel etc . Well, mr tong took over, & he seriously sucks.
What “ WHY YOU ALL NVR TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT?! I KNOW MR ONG NVR COME, BUT HIS STANDARD STILL HERE, blahblahs ..” Seriously, Mr Ong also didn’t ask us to tuck in shirt before, did he? he didn’t okay .
Anws, we played captain’s ball. If you’ve noticed, i’m not feeling well, my face was kinda white, i guess? Oh, but didn’t slack, just walk around, like i’m playing? yeap .

Recess, then afetr that was English & then chi.
Gaaaah, English lesson spells S-I-A-N !
& rights, chengguomei came in less then 5 mins, i was already falling asleep.
Really, just can’t see how sian are we . boooooohooos .


After school, went to MinJun’s hse & put bag, blah blah .
Got changed, then went to find L&B and went to buy pancakes . Eat while we chionged to th pool site .
Swimming CAN be fun, if th freaking coach don’t bully Cheryl . Well, th pool’s like dirty please? When you put your head in, you can see like many black black small dots, like EYERH! .

Gaaahs, after that, we went to change, & then bought food as we’re hungry . Oh, & me mj & beaunice went back to minjun’s hse to collect my bag. Well, her parents was uber cute la!

mother;”Hello! you all very hungry right, want eat chicken?”
me&beaunice; ” Uhh, nvm la, no thanks!”
& she keep offering us chicken, but right it smells nice though ;x
Then her father, cute la!
father, “don’t want chicken, want apple?” LOOOL -,-!
mother, ” Yah, an apple a day keeps a doctor away you know!”
cute right? Her mother still say want go swimming nxt tues also, LOOOL!

Some pictures 😀

handdrew by Cheryl :X
Should i? well, after listening much, i think i should .
xoxo .