Heeeeyo’ !

Today, didn’t have tuition, CANCELLED :DD
Weell, kim came at ard 1.20, then wen went walking to mrt to find mj, guess what ? 30 mins of walk, wth!

-skips skips-

After lunch, came back & then Claris Kim & mj keep playing with Feebeee, obviously their too obessed with her! Like owner like dog mah ?
Haha, okay Feebee was in a super hyper mode, & yupps we had lots’a fun together, hohoho. Feebee keep biting them hoho! Adorable yet naughty, hahahaha!

big thanks to claris .
Kay, then Gerlissa came at ard 3, so we slacked till ard 3 . Ldr haven’t come mah, we don’t know what to do ;x Hoho, i guess i slacked most? Was kinda’ fun la! We PLAYED clay , HAHAHA! (Kim knows what i’m saying :x) Okay, overall th model was hard to do, some super duper smart people choose this super EASY model as our proj ;x 50% marks in th freakin’ proj’s hand DDD:\

Okay, then we finished proj, was going to Bishan to eat our dinner!
Waited for th bus, we cam-whored, hohoho! Cam-whore<3

Ate at this Hongkong rest. to have our dinner, was superb :DD Then after that kim& ger went home, they could not go home late. Yea, th rest of us went to walk ard, & then went to eat th “sharkfin”! awwwh, today’s was too salty. not nice DD: Anws, claris’ daddy fetched me home& fetch MJ to mrt, Thank you UNCLE xD
Today incredible tales was scary okay!
Freak, i know i’m not those type of very da dan people, can’t blame me la! i’m learning to watch okay .. Anws, as usual spamming on msn as i’m afraid ? haah . But i still wanna watch Prom Night, since it’s PG now ! jio me out please D:
Ohoh, & i’m saving up for th upcomming 2 & 1/2 months of holidays, i’ll not be spending much nowadays i guess? hoho !
Haah, know what? Wilfred’s tryin’ to dig out who i like, i pian pian don’t want tell him? Lool, guess i made a smart choice, didn’t i ? :DD

Guess who draw this? xD xD
xoxo .