-emoemoemo- looks up, & started typing*

Helloooo people.

weeeell, today not gonna’ bore you’all with my long long boring school life ? okay, a lil maybe ? haaah ;D

Morning, celebrated early racial harmony day . Had this about 1 hour concert? maybe less then that . Haaah, concert was kinda nice! Hmm, started with this ladayee from HI idol 2007 singing a chi song, haah her malay accent was strong, though she sang very well, her timing was not veeeeh good /: next was this group of dancers, i think ? Yeap, there was like asking people to go up la, slbs behind were shouting ” xiuyuan xiuyuan xiuyuan” HAAH . blah & blah, was modern dance then, was fab okay ! haaahs, e boys are freakin’ hilarious la ! 对你爱爱爱不忘 !

Okay, gonnna skip alot of parts now .
Gold fish period, got back journal, & i got 10 stars for it, even thought it’s just one whole lot’a crap inside /:
Eng, was suppose to do a mindmap on racial harmony, so as to help us for our journal . Klass become kinda racists, tsktsk -.-
Maths, mr koh is officially leaving today, AWWWH! Okay, i guess i gonna flunk my maths test today, freak la, i cannot remember all of a sudden .

-skip skips-

dance, dance .
4 more people was put to join in NDP dance today. Freak, most positions are changed lahs, & almost everyone is not used to their positions . Learnt new steps, gosh gotta’ take time to master again . The step-then-hop part, was totally no good with it, sorry Veron,really! D:
Weeeell, many people went crying today D: okay, for many many reasons, well it suppose too be confidential . but what i can say was, she was super stressed-up, & was kinda lag behind after that, weelll, she did th best for us . Well anws, Cherine cheerup okay ! You’re still our vice-head after all, & we treated you like one all along. You rock la !

Okay anws, i decided to go to th clique here tomorrow .
Well, kinda, but i’ll be like kinda odd-one-out, i guess? well, hope not so , everything will be alright, cheryl will enjoy herself . Tomorrow i’m gonna’ meet up with Rowena first, for breakfast! & pinhan’s not coming, minjun cmi & lina have no interest, oh weell .
Well, thats all for now . Byebye, folks!

Chery ,