I’m back i’m back i’m back ! :DD

Heeeeeh, yesterday night, chatted with Xiuyuan & ph till like 2.10 . haaah, i don’t wanna be a zombiee DDD: Okay, & hebe/feebe keep on barking cus’ she’s locked up, daddy say that she needs to be locked up till she’s toliet train-ed, obviously she’s not yet D: Booohooo, she keep barking la, cos’ she’s not used to it .

Today, i’m uber lazy to do art, i’m just gonna find photo from th internet :DD Whhheeeeheee , diao -.-
Okay, what i did today.. I slept tll 12? xD heeeh, yeap i did. Then woke up, start changing blog skin, & helped pinhan to make one too. Thanks Rowena for helping me to select xD haah! Anws, glad pinhan’s satisfied with it though . Hmmx, daddy say next week gna bring beee go to vet 😀
Oh, & i just came back from Bishan J. I bought a top leh, socks etc, hoho .

Tomorrow, gonna’ hang out w/ Rowena& Pearlyn 😀
Thurs, Pinhan& Rowena’s coming over to play with beee, but my house is uber messy. I’ll be looking forward though :DD

Now’s incredible tales, it’s gonna be way scarier then last week, & last last week manananagal? lol -.-

xoxo, CHEERYL 😀