Hellooo asses!

Randomed post ahead

Okay, pratically not enuf sleep.. Was having headache, & yeap i took naps between lessons in lessons etc, wth la! Okay, lessons were as per normal, just that i’m tired, sleeping lor. Goldfish’s eyes so big, yet so blind, LOOL ;x
Today had chinese test, & i totally didn’t remember please, plus i was soooo blur today, & i couldn’t really concentrate . Yuuupsxz, hope don’t die for this test la D:
Okay LCE was lame, was like form&co form boh come, pratically chatting away, last part miss nai came. She was kinda funny plus good okay! haha 😀

After school, mummy actually wanted to bring me out makan, then cannot make it . & i made PH follow me take mrt ;x so in th end we went kovan! Th place we makan was damn bloodeeeh )(#*_%#*+ , not th place not nice though, but was th food . Lol, i had congee & pinhan had noodle, walao th food made us wanna vomit leh! Okay, then we gossiped leh ! 😀 Pinhan girl ah xD Then we went popular to buy sweeets ! Haah, more lunch next time yeah? 😀

Haaaah, Matilda Crazaayeeee is jealous xD she wanna watch The Strangers leh! lol , i wanna watch prom night la! D:
Okay, so long for here! byebye 😀

are you really always that happy? Or is it just an impression you wanna show to th others?

Cheryl 😀