Hey’ooz peepos!
a post before i go to bed :DD

Well so today lessons were normal . like, oh-so-boring as usual!

Maths lessons, & SOME people got MissKoh so angry that sabo our whole class to do a reflection not more then 200 words&stuff. SOME people gotta learn to appreciate & be a good lil student, LIKE ME :DD LOL ;x
D&T, was okay la. go to D&T room. Was quite fun, yet boring at th same time lorhs D:

Mymy, after school no PW today as idk why also, idc too .
Then went hgm to eat& stuff & came back with Chloe plus her gang and me plus mj :DD
Jasper asked me to buy 6 white sexband for him, retarded ehs? -.-

So dance was great, first day of dance :DD
Gawd, i’m all stiffed up ! & yeah muscle cramps, so long nvr stretch ready, haha!
Oh, & Lena didn’t come today, on th first day of dance after so long, she went dating with her boyfriend, i think so ? okay, don’t so kpo !
Anws, dance step’s fast yet nice please! :DDDD Haa, so cool larh 😀
dance’s th love 😀 ❤

After dance, i poked XiuYuan, finally! half of my revenge HAHAHA .
So then, me & beaunice went mc to eat ice-cream & saw lina so she came join us :DDD oh, we’re talking about this AHEM AHEMS* yeah is a human larhs . what were you thinking mansx!
so went home, many homework today leh D:

okay so night night for now :DD