Hello alieeeeeeens 😀 I’m baaaaack!

Now, posting for two reasons .
1. i think was cute .
2. told mj & beaunice i’m gnna post (;

heehx, so like usual. Morning assembly .
Okay we were like being in th hall for morning assembly almost everyday for this week. Really, it’s good so we don’t need’a climb 3 stairs up -.-“
Anws, was cute la . got this two drama club people forgotten their speech, they gott’aa pause, so like they were laughing at their own ? o.o
Mr Er, he was damn high cans, he wear th white musical tee then later he jump on th stage? HAHA .

1st period, History .
Was okay, i felt sleepy though. Yeap, then mr er told us alot of stories too x.x!
History, can be intersting yet bored at th same time .

Next was goldfish .
Damn her period .. i feel real sleepy . She talks & talks non stop, really her period ain’t for us -.- YAWNS*

Okay, was then recess.

D&T was next .
Our teachers were Mr Law& Mr .. uh ? forget his name. Anws, D&T was quite fuun, but i totally was not listening to th introduction, i was playing with my penknife (x Then later th teacher suddenly call me, then ask me ans some questions, luckily they’re super commonsense type .

Last, Chinese!
Chengguomei had to go other schools to conduct th ‘O’ levels oral, so yarhs, she didn’t come .
Left us work, made us do a passage with th 5 given cheng yus out of 9 . Me& mj were like so creative, hurhur :DDD Then th boys wanted to leave abit earlier, & Adele locked th door? -.-

After school, me & MJ were walking down.
Suddenly, she was like “EHH MOUNT. MERAPI!!!” *starts jumping* , okay i was kinda shocked? Actually, cos’ she saw Seb on second level, who knows XiuYuan & Ivan was like on third level, & she thought they were at 2nd level too .
Okay, so like, she was damn paiseh HAHAHA, cute mansx you!

So like, went HGM .
Bought 2 belts (mine&mummy’s) at Chameleon(sp?)
Ate LJS, cos’ we wanted to try ljs, i haven’t been eating it like for a year ?!
Oh, personally i think that LJS th chicken& fries totally sucks x.x! I thought that th chicken were fishes, lmaos! Okay, then went to take mrt .

Halfway of my ride, was at kovan station ready, then Beaunice called & asked me to go find her cos’ she& Lina “quarrelled” kind’aa thing Whatever /: so went back all th way to hgm .
They were actually FIGHTING, & i caught them red-handed, HURHUR .
Like so lame, then went back home.

Gonn’aa meet Gladys at 11.30, so will be like going out at 11. Hope can be on-time though /: Then found out that Nana, & Crazy will be going too, i think ?

DEEEEEEEDUUUUUUM, MinJun asked me to tie 2 pony tail tml, which gna make me super uh ? &)$*&$*(#_&! yeahs, like that . So i guess i gna plit 2 tails 😡 ? She’s going too, she better, cos’ if she don’t she won’t have a good time tml (x

♥ Cheryl