Hello, Once again, cheryl’s back into actiooooon!!

Okay, so is Pinhan who asked me to post. Seriously, i’m super duper bored, & idk what to post, so it’s gnn’a be a short plus randomed one (;

So like yesterday, went to Marina sqr :DD Omgawd, cus’ i love Marina, heehx . Like marina got manymanymanymanymany stuff, & cheap like *(&#$&@_ during GSS 😀 heehx, people lets go there tgt some time (:
Awns, i didn’t buy much, cus’ with daddy ard, how much can i buy? -.- So, i just bought a bag from ink, a small one :DD Wow, my shoe from U.R.S, i still can’t have it, till mummy goes out alone& buy for me TT Oh but afew days ago, i got a new school shoe from converse, like it’s okay only i guess, but i still want Kapa one TT!

School’s reopening tml, how i’m lookin’ forward, especially history -.- !
I guess many people had their haircut, & me tooo! i had my frindge cut, by th proffesional, CHERYL, LOL!
Gawd, like i didn’t completed my homework, i did half half each, & tml i’m so gnna chiong for my eng hw, since tml no eng , i don’t plan to do it today 😡 So like, i’m planning to chnage my skin soon, i guess it’s gnna be a navigation one ?
have not maple for like, a week yeah, & i like e feeling! & finally, my PW group’s blog is dooonnneeeeee!

Hey, like i’m reallylooking forward to sat’s musical, with junny! well, ting shuo SLBs will be watching afternoon ones too? x.x i’ve ready know what to wear i guess? i’m enjoying my hunnywater now, infront of th laapppy! & yeah, doing th chi, writing a whole lot of crap, heehx .
SO yarh, randomed& byebye!