Hello Earthlings!

Alrights, yesterday, I couldn’t manage to on my comp till 12 . It was like 11.55pm when i shut it down -.- cus’ at that moment mummy walked out of her room, & i had no choice D:
Awwwwh, then after shutting it down, i was stone-ing on my bed, idk why i just couldn’t get to sleep like that -.- Like i fell asleep then woke up, so i didn’t sleep really well, & i’m kinda tired now TT YAWNS*

Okay, i have some things to annonce ;D

First, Claris is in LOVEEEE! hahahahaha, okay i don’t know what happen really!
That lucky girl, who she likes will like her back, hahaha .

Second, Lina darling’s CPU broke down D:
PC show was just over, awwwwwwwwwwwwwh TT
She couldn’t maple or audi with th laptop, which she calls “lan”.

Everythings gnna be fine, ayes? really, time heals th pain . Death ain’t always th way to solve anything, & whats more, you’ve O levels next year.
You can’t blame god for all this, cus’ it’s human that sins, even if you feel helpless, you’ve all your friends ard, including meeee :DDDD

Last but no least, HAPPY 16th, XIUYUAN!

Okay, so didn’t mnge to stay up, but i’ll turn back th time if i could LOL .
But now, wishing out a Happy Birthday, & stay cute; lame and so on, you know it your own!
See’ya on Thurs, with Nana dearie, & etc.. 😀
Many lucks in your O’s & most importantly, stay happy always!

Till then,

Okay was vehhh.boreddy, so played with Pinhan.
We went super duper siao cans.

Hey dearies out there, SEEEEE! OMGGGG MY FACE’s ALL RED TT *CRYS*

Bye for now,