Pssssst, hello people!

Gaaaahs, i have nothing much to post today D:
First thing first, i got back my handphone! ;D YAY! Okaye, i don’t know why i’m so happy for -.- hahaha, like dia0 -/-

Second, i hate dondon at home .

Third, played Maple w/ darling lina & tebby .
Okay, had FUN . really, all Lina knows is F3 is kiss, then was like, stop kissing me leh! I call my dear, which is Gladwin & her first laogong is ShaoXuan HAHAHA .

Fourth , afew more hours..
TO WHAT ?!?! Alrights *guess*
Oh, it’s XiuYuan’s birthday!
i guess i can’t stay up to wish, cus’ i’m having a bad headache now -.- Partly, it’s cus’ of my brother!

Fifth, daddy say we’re going to see for tuition today -.-
I was like, wtf, there’s like one more week then school reopen! Then he was saying what, just go see see look look then register then blah blah blah, what crap -.-!

It’s not on my korea trip one through -.- It’s during me, lina& gin meetup that time .