Alrightys, all from yesterdaaaay!

Yar so, blah blah blah, i had a prob D: I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR LOL. 😡
Then later, went out of hse & headed to th dno what fish head thingy. The food there was kinda not bad lurhs, just that th environment was terrible, really it is -.- wow& th bill come out to like $500 + , really we should go to some air-coned place -,- it’s like more worth it 😡 Th place there is like, is there even fan ? everybody was like so damn hot o.o

Okay then after that, we were deciding whre to go. KBOX! that was most of our suggestion . Oh then Kbox was way too expensive, so we called up partyworld, also tooo ex due to it’s a friday -,- So we can’t go DD: booohooos! Then went to novena there th StarBucks ;D
Whatever, i love there! then we were abt to blow cake for ahmah, when we realized there issn’t a lighter, so had to borrow from people. Me& jojo went to ask this man/women, dno is guy or girl lar, then he/she was like laughing ;x then yar, there’s this damn huge & fluffy poodle, like, it’s SOOOO black! Okay, it was v. friendly ;x

So after we blow cake, ordered our drinks 😀 added up to like $80+ lawls ;x
Then we were like going very high, we cam-whored. Then they ask me & jojo do wu lian pai, then like so funny ;x Oh yar oh yar! Then Chloe jiejie did th lesbo cheer, well it turned up to be funny yet cute /: Then gugu tried, wow it become a gay cheer in th end, lmaos! Oh then, gugu was tired, so we have to go home early D: & its not even 12 okay! so early o.o Okay anws, went home .

KOREA! Yeap you didn’t read it wrongly, i’m gna post abt my korea trip!
Pictures some other time yars ?

Day 01

Sit night flight ;D Then before aboarding, was like using e comp at Air-port ;x
Okay, reach-ed korea & its morning, meaning day 2 .

Day 02

Were at Seoul. Didn’t have time to go back hotel first /:
Anws, went sight seeing. It was some park called Yongdusan Park .
Really, i can’t rmb going to such place ;x PS/ STM!
Next destination, Haeundae Beach.
Well, it’s like Singapore beach, just that ABIT cleaner ;D Then th wind there is super duper strong, & it’s real cold ;x
& next, Gyeongju.
Really, there is a total amazing place! it’s like a palace in like don’t know how many thousands of years back! But th throne there looks so fake, cus it’s like made of wood. I told mama & she was laughing away ;x
& at night, went to our hotel which we only stayed for a night, Commorode hotel .

Day 03

Took a domestic flight to Jeju.
First stop, Bulguksa temple .
Some kind of temple, again it was built 1 thousands of years ago .
According to th history, it was kinda destroyed during Jap invasion & was rebuilt afew times .
Next was Cheomseongdae Observation.
Really, idk what th hell were we doing there -.-
& then was Gyeongju National Museum.
th museum there was great! It showcase mny swords& weapon that was used. Most of e swords were already corroded .
Then went to see Yongduam rock, it’s like so damn cool!
it’s sommore natural larh!
Then was Central Shopping .
Sad to say, but i hate th shopping there, really it’s so damn bored la! Where you walk, you pratically see th same thing, not nice!
Went back to hotel, Robero. we stayed 2 nights there (day03&04)

Day 04

went to see this fliming site of “ALL IN” .
BORING! Theres like nothing there -,- Well but it’s kinda cool thou, th church there. It’s like not even open for us to visit, so we can only see e structure of e building .
nxt was this sunrise peak.
Its 101% natural , basically a volcano. we didn’t get to watch sunrise though /:
Then went to this folk village.
Villages there are cool! only afew cars there, clean & fresh air 😀 gahh, i wanna move to a village LOL! ;x
Then went to see Tangerine Orchard .
It’s like a orange farm la . Then only certain season then got orange, so what we were seeing was like plastic-made fake orange -.-
Then went to Mysterious road .
It’s damn cool, th driver off th engine& th bus will auto move. It was called ghost road in th past. It looks like some straight road, but after some university students examine it, it was actually a road whre it’s a slope -.- LAME!
went back hotel then .

Day 05

Took a domestic flight to Seoul from Jeju.
it’s everland, not disneyland, no mickey mouse kinda thing/: it’s all some lame characters that no one knows. Oh, it’s one of th biggest theme park in th world!
Theres like so many types of rollar coasters .
Oh, th tourguide brought us around first before letting us go alone. We went to watch a animal show. Please, it’s damn bloodehh cool! The animals there are like so damn well trained. Couldn’t take pics there due to, they run/ jump gawd damn fast -.-
Theres like, monkey, birds,2dogs, racooon & many more animals!
So after that went to play around. I bought a bunny-like-cat-ears ;x & thats all .
Night show there was amazing! damn nice! once again, no pics .
Went back to Daemyung hotel .

Day 06

Mt sorak!
we took a cable car up, then walked like 5 mins before we reach up up high!
PSSSSST, i wore shorts, it’s damn cold & i almost freeze ;x
ahhh, i forget abt this day ;x
Oh, then at night went hotspring. it’s gawd damn cool!
Stayed at this hotel at mt sorak at night, damn cool! slept on th floor -.-

Day 07

went to this tour ard Seoul .
Visited th so called “museum” there. Like, all th gift that was give to korea. Singapore had only pathetically one gift there .
it was like a small dragon made of gold & a crystal ball attached to it! be proud of Singapore!
then shopped at Dongdaemun shopping.
one of th biggest shopping, yet all branded goods -.-
Then again sight seeing.
After that went to 女人街 aka women’s street .
Things there were better yet bloodehh expensive -.-
Stayed at Seoul Palace Hotel for th night.

Day 08

Tour guide brought us to some shop selling ginseng etc.
Flight was at afternoon, & finally 8hrs of flight -.-

Gah, thats for now, CYA!