Just’a lil random post before i’m off to do some work ;D

Today maths was fun, yet again th effing rumor came back -.- please larh, don’t be so childish, puhh-lease .. Not say like i like .. so just shut up larhs ?
Alrights, anws miss koh joked w/ us alort today, hahar. Oh, & miss koh played with us a game kinda thing.. The prize was 4 movie tickets! ?( cus’ she got e movie voucher) Alrights, we didn’t get first, instead we got last, LOL!

After school, went to slack w/ jun&lina, bought gogo hotdog as lunch, ain’t i pathetic? D; i forget to bring money ;x Anws, it was nice okayes!
Oh, then we chatted & chatted at near th playground, & then went to library. Ahhh, tml meeting lina to pay for e hoodies thing, i pratically forget about it -.-!

Awwhhhhhs, just askin’ myself here.. Now i don’t look forward to th korea trip.. Was thinking that, if we don’t go, ain’t it better? lol 😡 last time i’m super enthusiastic in this type’a thing, now i rather be in singapore 😡 i guess my thoughts are like influenced by th sichuan thing, yeap so i don’t really wanna go, besides i’ve got lots’a homework to complete..
Awwwh, I’ll be sitting th night flight, so i guess i will still have time to tag people & blog before i go ? I hope i can 😀
Ending my short & random-ed post here, C I A O !

Another quiz, tagged by janey -,-

1. Wat’s th connection between ue && th last person dhat called ue ?
– My dearie lina!

2. Do ue ever turn ur cellfone off ?
– Duhh ?

3. Wat happened at 10am todae ?
– I was at school.

4. When did ue last cry ?
– I don’t really remeber.

5. Wat is ur fav thing to eat wif peanut butter ?
– Don’t really like peanut butter .

6. Wat do ue wan in ur life rite now ?
– I want everything to be in my way 😀

7. Do ue carry an umbrella when it rains , or jus put up ur hood ?
– I like to walk in th rain.

8. Wat’s ur fav thing to hav on ur bed ?
– Everything on my bed 😀

9. Wat bottom r ue wearing now ?
– shorts ?

10. Wat’s th nicest text in ur inbox sae ?
– takecare,

11. Do ue tend to make relationships complicated ?
-Do i looks so cruel ? 😡

12. R ue wearing anithing ue borrowed frm sumone ?
– nahh .

13. Wat was th last movie ue caught ?
– Accuracy of death!

14. Wat r ue proud of ?
– I’m proud of livin’ till now .

15. Wat does th oldest text msg in ur inbox sae ?
– “Yepyep. Chiong ars … U oso zai chiong?”

16. Wat was th last song ue sang out loud ?
– Yesterday, by Leona.

17. R ue currently liking sumone dhat is liking other ppl ?
– I think so ?

18. Wat does ur last received text msg sae ? Hu was it frm ?
– “hey you eatin lunch?” minjun.

19. Wat time did ue go to bed last nite ?
– 11.30 ?

20. R ue currently happy ?
– I don’t think so.

21. Hu gives ue th best advice ?
– God, family& dearests.

22. Do ue eat whipped cream straight frm th can ?
– Oh, I LOVE IT!

23. Hu did ue tok on fone last nite ?
– Human.

24. Is anithing bugging ue rite now ?
– I think so.

25. Wat/Hu was th last thing/person to make ue luff ?
– myself {;

26. Do ue wear toe sock’s ?
– Nope .

27. Hu was th last person ue missed a call frm?
– Lina

28. Hav ue ever had ur heart brokened ?
– I guess so ?

29. Wat annoys ue most in a person ?
– those UNTRUE rumors -.-

30. How long hav ue been in ur relationship ?
– relationship-less!

I did 30 ques only, cus there’s 100 ques& i’m super lazy, & i decided not to tagg anyone.
Well, cya then, C I A O !

Cus’ i’ll be missing you .