Harhar, yeap yeap & i’m here to post again 😀 duhh ?

Morning had our replacement “VIP” for yesterday, about intergrity our month’s value [: Just 2 videos for us to watch, & that’s all, but don’t forget th hardwork by e teacher 😀
Hippphipphoorraaayeeee! Oh yeah, tml’s sport’s carnival~ what i’m looking forward to is th cheer, of cos! weeeheeex, Claris asked me to take video for her, sure i’ll do, infact i plan to take for all de hse ;x Awwwwhs, sadly to say our current points is th lowest D: (updated on 21st may) All th best for tml, Hawks & of cos’ other houses~ Wellwell, hawks will be last NO more, i guess? 😀 It’s hardwork that counts anyws, it’s call sportsmanship LOL!
Hawks, Gambateeeeeeeeh!

Lessons were like usually, playing ard 😀
PW was oh-so-booooooring! English was like, doing worksheet again._. & yarhs, our english homework for e holidays are damn blardeey crap-up! (EIGHT articles from newspaper about anything, need’a write summary & so on .. ) GAAAAH!
Had recess, then Music we watched drumline. It’s a nice show (: Then was geog, was super tired by then, so i slept. Anws, for geog was just th packing of exams papers& watched finish th dane’s peak(sp?)

After school, went t’ macs. Had not eaten mac fo quite’a while x.x
Well, i told my’ friends i wanna go do IQ test, & junny said there’s a simple way to see how stupid you are, ohhhh. I’m unproud to say, i’m 100% stupid O.O LOL!
Then after eating finish, Lina left & beaunice wanted to skip cheer, me junny& claris went back to school. WOW, you know somethin’ ? When reach skool that time, Claris pangsehed us for Shardeen -.- And me & junny became SO freakin’ bored that we decided not to stay D: Oh& i was disiao-ing her abt wilson 😀
Claris, you are th BEST pangseh kia friend i ever had, LOL! okay, kidding .
went home, slept for 2 hours . okay, now here i am (x

Tml, lunch with’ Rowena; sports carnival!
such’a great day it’ll be~

` cheeeryl (x

it’s always like this. i’m gonna be your spare tyre, no more.