Hello people 😀
shall talka’bout yesterday first .

Hurhur, yesterday went out to bugis with GinGin dearest& Lina darling!
Went to meet gin then took bus, & went’o meet lina 😀
Gahhs, Beaunice didn’t go ): then walk walk ard, bought i top ;D like they say it’s nice lurhs, then .. ohs forget it! hmmx, then me & gin wanted to take neos’ then lina didn’t wann’ so she went to home . we took 2 time of neos’ which make me really broke now . oh, brought $50+ out & left with $12 x.x ! Anws, me & gin then went to hunt for mother day’s present, we went out looking at so many things, then finally kan shang a small bag which we both think is quite cute& we bought the same thing & then went home.

nothing much’a say about x.x
Oh yarhs, ytd i rmb when i was sleeping then there’s this super bright’d lighting that woke me out then suddenly was like ” BAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGG” & i was damn frightened and ran into my blanket, woahs then the lightning went on & i could hardly sleep. Awwwhhs, then t’day morning’s cold! i think it’s cos of e rain ytd, then today windy& cold, brrr!
& yeahs, gnna’ go jo’s hse tml to celebrate mothers’ day ;D it’s fast huh, so soon exams are over & may’s here, june’s coming o.o! Was mapling an hour ago, Jm’s back! :DD IMY dearest friends!
Then was added into convo w/ jellyfish & yuan. Oh, idk what was they talking, saying somthing abt plaza sing then say what yuan’s a spy. hurhur, both of ya’ th cutest! oh, crappers ;D

&to dearest Jasmine gan mummy, i have know you 2 years & you’re a tresure given to me outt’a no whre. I’m so glad to know you, & those time we chatted, you talked to me about your “xin shi” & those heartless ex daddies. mummy, though now you don’t have time to chat & play tgt anymore, i’m still loving you th like the first time we met :DD ❤

& my mummy, oh, you won’t read this cos you don’t even know i have a blog 😡 Okayes, thanks for th 10+ years of support & encouragement. Thou you may be biased at time, you’re th greatest :DD ❤

To passerby, whoever you are, hate me just scram. you don’t have a right to judge me yeahs. idk you but i gotta’ say hating me is your business, in anyway i have offended you, i’m sorraye.

` cheeeeryl :DD