Hello people !
Yay, yay! jumps*

Bleahs, today’s art & LC. LC was okayes, not that difficult, infact quite easy ;x
Art .. I drew a tiger x.x & my draft horhs, eyerrrh ._. Ohs, my art pieces i think quite okaye bahs ? ;x
Yesterday night, i did my art last minute, yet still slacking through ;x woahs, i slept at 2.12 ._. this morning, no mood cos nt enuf sleep ;x 3 hrs sleep only! but then, i don’t feel tired now x.x

After exams, went walking ard in hougang mall . Went rooftop ;D then blah blahs, after awhile left. Then went to find Felicia, lina’s jie ;D then we went mac and eat lunch, after that she wanted to buy the sray snow thing, then she treat all of us sia xD she go buy until 6. cos 6 for $10 ;x then later we went to the shelter outside hgm & play ..
Like wth, keep kena spray then the whole hair white color ;x
Then me & beaunice went home .. In the mrt station, we keep playing with the spray, cos they say cannot eat or drink or smoke, they nvr say cannot spray 😡 hahaha!

hohos, hope tml gingin can go D: her wallet lost! ):
` cheeeeeeeeeeeryl :DDD