heys guys ..
I really gotta say i’m bored now ): & suddenly, i thought of something .. It’s like a sudden stike of mind . I was thinking, if life’s abt studying, getting a job to earn money in the future, & life’s like oh-so-boring thing.. & it’s like, the best moments tends to pass faster .. I kinda wonder, why ?! I wonder what the world will be like, if everyone’s so carefree, no exams or whatever/: Maybe all our brains will go rotting ;x I guess people early ready hve those thoughts, no wonder there is what fairytale stories, LOL!

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs, i’m sure gnna die for Lit .. I haven’t been studying lit, my lit book is in the school cabinate, & I EFFING FORGET TO BRING IT HOME ._. well, so now reading the other lit book, & i gotta read it finish by t’day or tml & memorize quotes. Like, WTH ? Why teachers can’t understand some students have STM ? Seriously, i prefer to study for maths paper 2 due to my maths paper one is kinda badly done . & yarhs, mye english paper 2 too .. I rather study for maths, english paper 2& science then to do what art& lit, aain’t that much better! & i won’t take lit next time ._.

050508 Literature ._. wtf ?
060508 El P2& science
070508 Maths P2
080508 ART ._. please, RUN ME DOWN !

& ohs yarhs, the best thign is 090508, which is a FRIDAY, will be HOLIDAY for us :DDD Ohs, maybe plan to go out, heehx . & after thurs, EXAMS ARE OVER. The next worst thing will be, looking how “well” you’ve done for MYE ._. like, MYE’s 25 % of total ? whatever/:

` cheeeeeeeeeeeeryl ;x