Hello peeoples :DDDD

Well, today’s geog!
Ehhs, was okaye. issn’t like what i expected though /: Haiyohs, ytd I all si bei one don’t have come out ._. like, i yesterday memorize till wanna die then nvr come out ! wth, then i forget the what daily range thing ;x Aiyarhs, whatever larhs! Ytd still read 5 books(plus e notebook) A guai kia ain’t i ? :DDDDDD

Okayes, then after school me, lina & beaunice stay back for e lit thing. what can i say? It’s like we’re there to slack ? lame ._. then after that we went to HGM to eat.. Then went popular. Well, i went there to buy colour pencils & markers heehx. Then lina went off.
Me & beaunice then went to Kovan, at first say one window shopping only then later she pull me go bowling ._. Then is like bloody hot rights, then we walked the wrong way & soon got ‘lost’ so Beaunice went to ask directions.
” hello aunty, whre’s the bowling pin?”
” ehs, the bowling ally arhs ? “
” no, bowling pin! or issit ally arhs?”
” you know the difference between pin & ally or not! “
i was there laughing like siao ..
” ohs whatever/: so whe’res th bowling ally?”
” walk straight, don’t turn turn turn! “
“okayes thankyou, bye bye!”

LOL, then while walking i was laughing like mad, so Beaunice stuffed pankcake into my mouth! rofls ;x Then walk under the super hot sun ..
Okayes, then play & play. I can say that Beaunice is damn pro at it! & my score? nahs, say liaos siasuay xD hahas, Beaunice rocks :DD

Booooooos! Lit’s on monday, paper 2 on tues, wed is dno what & thurs & dno what thing! OHMYTIAN! hohos, wait till MYE’s over :DDDD

whys? life’s not th way i wanted, it seems like every day went wrong. Time’s going just too fast! can’t it stop ? I gotta catch uo with my own life /: & what’s the point of studing ? so what if getting good grades, but lifeless.. is it worth it ? & i’m hoping, tht day won’t come..

` cheeeryl .