Hellos peeps.
Like any sundays, today is just another boring one .
What other then homework can i do ? ohs .. i left my english incomplete though .

Hmmx, yups . I didn’t really mugg t’day, well cos i’m born to be a slacker. That’s like a super big dis-advantage . sad rights ):
Ohs, talking about MYE, yeaps, I will not be online till MYEs are over. not the fact that i’m over guai larhs, is just that if i even touch it, & i get bad results, i’ll be like sooooo dead . Don’t be sad, cos we’ll see each other in school :DDD Thens, i promise shan& allie mei to be on after MYE & also timmy [: & like i said, i got lots to do :DDDD MISS ME GUYS!

Ohs anws, today i have been playing DJ max2 . well, i’ve got a combo of 977, then is like wtf, i miss .. woahs? all gone ): whatevers /:
I’m scared if my results ain’t as what daddy expected this time, it’s like i really hates tuition ._. Nobody likes it right ._. it’s like after hving tuition, you totally won’t have free time. Like, there’s loads to catch up though /:

Ohs well .. That’s what everyone goes through in life ;X Just a short & random post.
Like again, wishing everyone good luck on their MYE, & on common tests for the sec fours 😀
Ohs, & for Rowena gl in your chinese ! and for all the rest best luck in th subs!
not forgetting, Happy early birthday to Germaine :DDD

& i’m trying my best not to care anymore.

` cheryl.