Hellos people, yeaps, it suppose to be my last post yesterday…
Anws, a darm random post [:

Okayes, was very tired .
Today, i did mug ABIT . Mugging is not easy, furthermore tiring .
Like, i have been a slacker since the day i was born ? heex .
Then slept when i came home. Too tired to online .
Okayes, so then now i’m online, hoping claris & yuan is on to lame with me .. BUT! blahs … their not ): ohs, it’s okayes .

& now i can’t believe .. I’m talking to a person that ask me to judge him :X
ohs, yeahs. he’s the one gonna snatch my junny darling from me, HUMPHS! So, he asked me whether he’s com.. com what arhhs ? whatever, anyways, he asked he’s com… to Eugene . Is like nooo ? Eugene ain’t as irritating as him :X lol! & he was like sob sob-ing me >:}
He asked me to comment rights? so i gotta tell the truth,yeahs truth hurts most of the time. But then too bad larhs, junny don’t like him, cos she’s soooo into me :}

Ohs.. & another thing . I wasn’t really angry till now, though i was kinda pissed ytd. Well i mean we’re friends right ? Even though how much people dislike you you’re still a friend of mine 😀 Well, i gotta say i forgiven you long ago, just wanting you to know you’ve to chnge your attitude. Well, i’ve got no right to judge, it’s just my personal thoughts okaye. So, i mean we can still be friend, it’s no goodbye or whatever.

I’m bored now guys ): very very very bored ._. haishhx !
& theres no tuition tml ._. MYE is next tues.
MYE FASTER OVER PLEASE? There’s many to do after MYE [:

` cheeeeryl [: