& happy birthday to Cheryl & WanSin!(though i dno him :X )

okayes, so piccas first!




whehehes, my presents(not all in) & also made by Gans0ts0t :DDD

hahahas, it was 12, & i’m still up in msn! GanSotSot & yuan and some other peeps were on!
Yuan was like so cute larhs? send me birthday song then spam me songs & even gimme url from youtube, lol!
Then gan s0t s0t was like telling me ghost stories ? LMAOS :X
Then yarhs, many things happened, it’s sure is creepy! especially in 12am … LOL!
Thanks youu many many guys! pei wo till so late, later cannot wake up :XX hahahahs!

Rwna msged me, it’s like a morning call also :XX heex! Thanks ladaeyee! <333

Then went school … blah blahs!
VIP was friggin’ boring, then after VIP, dismissal. Yuan was like indirectly shaking hand withh me wishing me happy birthday. lol! i say, it’s like very funny xD
Then yeaps, received presents!
thank’ys lovely peeps for all your cards, presents& wishings! whehehes :DDD Cheryl loves you’all many manys!
& also received sms from mei, baby& ver ver ;D!
Chi period .. was so sians, & i was like half asleep ..
Wakaos, then is like at the ending part, the whole class sing birthday song for me :X
At first they was saying abt some rumor abt me and … is like so wtf larhs.. since when i even like him ? So, i was totally lao diao lying flat on the table ._. Anws, thnks Claris for this surprise ! lol, i nvr sabo youu till so charm wor! <333
Then before chem, adidas came to class to gimme my present, i say, it’s llike sooo loved! purposely come my class to gimme present :DDD
Then aft school, went to cartel for lunch w/ beaunice& claris :DDD
Then was eating & eating, they keep making me laugh abt the cream & stuff till i stomach ache LOL! cam-whored abit in the toliet, & i want Rwna and Audrey jie jie de carrrrrrddd! PINHANNNNNNNNN RAWRHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSS .
whehehes, later gan papa& gan mama bringing me out to “play” :DDD
& i totally love this b’day!
Thanks so much guys! :DDDD