School was normal . & had si han test t’day .
was okayee lorhs(:
Recess that time, saw Yuan running ..
His “Jog” was damn fast cans. got second place wor !
Hmmx yups, then me and claris shouted, then he turn to see us, lol .
Aft school, me and Claris went HGM eat . Then after that we were walking back to school, saw pinhan .
Yeaps, we made fun of her :X Then after that, Karyn and Lye Kit say they wanna go toliet but in the end pangseh her . LOL! Then we once again saw yuan& clique.
We went to basement, then seb saw Pinhan, then hee faster walk away, lmaaaooos!
then we wanted to pull pinhan to xiuyuan cos she said she wanna kill me and claris, but in the end she didn’t lol :X
then we went t basement d toliet, then came out & we saw yuan at ljs . we went over .
we told him that pinhan was waiting for him, hahahar! he was like, what for ? ahems*, roooofls!
Then went back school, saw clarissa . Clarissa wanted to pull me into cheerleading, but thn there’s too many peeps ready, so it’s like heeeeng arhs! Then that clarissa was talking to Zikun with the senior language thing. it’s like some kinda alien talk & it’s damn crappy .. What sisasasi one .. :XX & i’ve no idea what their saying …
Then went home cause no body staying backs .
I kinda excited abt tml, but i don’t know what t wear!
suck lurhs, noo jeans ): nvms, shall anyhow wear then ? :X
minjun& audrey’s not going ): whose next sia ?! okays, byees for now!

`cheryl .