Happy birthday, Claris!!
May just be a normal day for me, but of cos not for Claris .. ❤
Gahhhhhs, lessons are like …! & thens exams are in 2 weeks time! Gambatehhh!
Yeaps, this time i will not let myself down anymores!
hmmx yupps, got back compo test, 23/30 . hahahas! & LCE lessons talking abt relationship kinda thing /: is non-pervert stuff though . so mny ppl luan luan xiang one lorhs .
Jenny ang didn’t come so Titus, Eugene & Peanut need to show us th 101 PPT slides :XX
Then after that, Claris went to eat with her papa, then me and PH went to eat on our own .. Then blah blahs! started raining the whole afternoon sia!
Hmmx, then i reach home then fall asleep :XX Very super tired!
Yeaps, tml got F&N and must chiong! Last min when NTUC to buy ingredients .
I dno wthell will i produce tml :X & i’m helping Claris to do the research.
Hellos, i’m helpful and i don’t need anything in return except a HUG!
Short post for today, byeees!
is it love, or is it a crush ?

` cheryl :DDD
I was wondering, do i really love you, or is it just a stupid crush ? I guess i love you .

Lixin baby!
I love you soooo much! wheeeees :DDD
You treat me soooo well, & i still even rmb how we met :X
Rmb? IMH! abalone,sharkfin? HAHAHAS !
well, thanks for counting down everyday for me, you’re de best & i love you many manys! <333