Yeaps, yesterday was damn freakin lazy to blog .
Anws, shall say abit about ytd ..
Went out with lina :DDD She’s a shopping queeeen!
hmmx, yups. ytd went bugis . Didn’t have much time so just make a fast one .
i went ard the whole bugis street and only one shop got cookie monster shirt ._.
anws, Lina bought a long sleve & also a shorts .
I love her shorts and i’m going to buy it next time i go bugis :DDDDD


today was a simple thing .
Had assembly, then dismissal time ..
freak! Yuan did’y purposely dismiss sec ones ? :X
Anws, not fair! Bleahs .
Then today had lit and maths test .
lit was okays. i got 43/54 . WHEEE šŸ˜€
i didn’t study at all cans :XXXX
hmmx then the maths test, i know i won’t fail cos i did study ytd!
But the marks …
Anws, Me & Beaunice didn’t get in to the musical . Should we be happy or whats ?
then aft that we knw the results then we was dismissed early.
Went ard Hougang mall with Beaunice .
then went back to school ..
Claris was dismissed early and then she went pasir ris then i waited for pinhan and stayed back awhile .
Hmmx, then went home lorhs .
excited abt tml :DDD i try to go early, I TRY ):

` cheryl :DDD