tired; sleepy!

hellos hellos [[:

Today school ended at 12.30 . Ewwwhhhs! i don’t like D: i rather every day 1.3O then some days 2.3O some days 12.3O ._.

Ms Quan didn’t came today, had compre test.
we kinda discussed ans but relief cher’ doesn’t care :DDD
Music was nice :DDD
Geog’s making me sleep .
played glueey aqain during geog :DD

there’s open-book geog test,
chi tets paper tml
is like .. ohs-so-sians!

Anyways, today no dance again D: Wasn’t informed, booooooos!
stayed back till 4.3O ard there, & i’ve forgotten to wait for Claris, BOOOOOOOOOOOO D:
anyways, during the process of staying back with Beaunice & Adele was randomed!
Walked walked around .
went library blow aircon .. hahas :DD then got play in the there .
ate hotdog :DDD
ohs, hahas then see th SJAB thing ..
as i’ve said, it’s randomed .
so bye byes! there’s prac for HE tml, and must complete e homewrk for HE x.x

` cheryl .