Have edited a skin, basically same basecode as Cassandra . So long haven’t veen editing so i hope it looks fine ? bleahs
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Hellooooooooos to earthlings out there!
hahahahar no homework today, but there’s a compre test tml DD:
everything was okay lurhs .

V.I.P! Seb, Yihong& Ivan talked about the Service our commitment . Then later they ask e ex student to give us speech.. then later the 3 guys were like standing on stage marhs.. Then MinJun was like .. Ehs, why they stand there stone-ing ? Kinda funny cos they standing there then like looking at her speech . lols ._.
PE … ohmytian arhs! had standing broad jump, sit& reach and 2km run .
booooos D: 5 stations are in a week time!
anyways i run the 2km today was gawddamn bad. had gastrics which hurt real loads .
gaaaaaaahs .
Bioooo :DDDD love bio loads! went to lab today . gahahas, we went to play with e microscope . as normals lurhs those cells thing things . then that Cass xin li bian tai! she go take her skin then later put iodine then put under e slides .. kaos, damn er xin cans!
then play play play there …
Mathh! BOOOOOOS, Miss Koh didn’t come! then some teacher took over our lesson .. Was boring cos going thru test corrections . hahars i started playing e gluey :DD OMTIAN! it’s damn fun 😀 then later everyone followed lurhs D:
haahs then we go do E.T communication with gluey on finger kekes! Anyways, E.T was taught by that person lurhs, rofls .
then i go put glue all over my hand then i wanted to shake hand with WF then she didn’t want, then the Yuxuan didn’t know my hand got glue all over, he go shake hand with me … LOL! then he was like ” EEEEEEEEEEEEEW! GOT GLUUEEEEEE!” lmao lmaooooos!
After school walked past school hall . Sec 4/5s got their mock then we peep thru! woots, so many peeps& got aircon insideeee! i wanna go in :3!
Then walk to hgm to buy things for thurs de home econs. Then traffic light there, say Yuan& his clique then i started laughing . Cos, i was thinking about the VIP thing . Then summore, their voices all totally diff one . Ivan’s like so deep then me and minjun was laughing away lorhs .
We were llike strangers in the Fair Price then blur blur one walk here walk there ..
Then we wanted to buy ham, we tot chicken is hallal or whatever you spell it . Then MinJun damn cute, she go ask the aunty
“Hello, there the ham is chicken want right?-pointing there*- then the aunty say yes lurhs .
Then we almost buy lurhs then I asked
“Shi bu shi hallal de ?” then she was like… ham whre got hallal one ._.
so is like rofls ?
hahars having short term memory, can’t think of what else to type, so byes!

` cheryl .