i’m in deeeep shyt! T^T

1. Haven’t complete that dumbass Speech for tml!
why must Mr Mentos make life so difficult for us T^T
I kinda wrote abit ready larhs but haven’t complete :X further more need memorise .
i’m sure on the verge of dying!

2. Tuition homework … My school homework not completed tuition work even worse?
Later got tuition SOOON! and I only bei like 6 words ? 6/1O ._. WOOOPS!
So busy this 3 days T^T no time to relax hohos!

I really don’t know how am i gonna celebrate this year’s birthday :X since it falls on a week day .. I doubt there’s time to celebrate with friends .. But with family, confirm sure will de larhs +.+
hahars shall go now D:
cyarhs and ohs yarhs!

Happy Birthday to BEAUNICE!

hahars okays, cyaaaas!

` cheryl .