backs from school . today was released at 2.3O ._.
today lesson ain’t no interesting! was boring infact .
Tml’s gonna be a holiday and the next twoo days are weekends. woooos so faast, another week past!
P E was kinda great. Cher’ had postpone the badminton tournament thingy due to in-coming physical fitness test thing thing . Had practise of 3 types t’day . Standing broad jump, Inclined pull up, 1.3km ~
We had de pull-up station first . Did like 20 :X Decreasing of number of times every year ._.
Standing braod jump was next. Woahs so surprised, managed to overtake my past scores ! hehehes :DDD
Ran 1.3km . it was kinda cool~ ran in the drizzle. Had gastrick half way through . i really kinda hate it. 1.3km only and i must stop cos in pain ._. it’s been like from Pri 3? next week we gonna run 2km ==” Lina stamina was gooooood! hahas, it’s no surprise she’s so active . And well, my stamina sucks like hell .
Then it was like raining marhs so many peeps complained. Mr Ong ask if we touch we melt ? they, being hypocrites, said yes so Mr Ong ask them stand in the rain then Richard lie completely on the floor LOL!
Did stretching kinda thing then realised we’re beside 2Hope . Guessed who i’ve seen ? lols well .. I could’nt eat during recess but i eventually did . Really having bad gastricks .
Maths! ohs so loveeee~ Miss Koh rock rock rocks! she’s so cute at times . Today, inorder to keep us quiet, she told us about the “ting” (chi word) the harder verison to rite. then she give us riddle say if we’re quiet she will tell us the ans. The riddle is damn qian bian cans! lols it’s all damn funny . then many peeps end up giving her riddles too . she guessed some while others she can’t~ hahar!
there was one riddle.. she took a longggggggggg time to think .
Ques: The building was on fire and Spiderman was on the building, Spiderman was’nt burn but ended up dying .. why did he died?
Miss Koh gave those super logical ans … but all was wrong :X
Ans: Spider Man escaped from being burnt, then he said HENG ARHS! (with actions) then his both hand was let go, so he dropped down the building and died!
ROFLS! :DDD This riddle was given by Principal-Cannot-Be
blahs blahs blahs and art lesson was the last lesson . ohs boring!
was pangseh-ed with minjun, then gerlissa saw us and joined us.
went home after that .

whats meant to be meant to be, whats yours will be always yours πŸ˜€
guess i should learn to believe in that? so i won’t be so greedy!

cookie monster :DD

cookie monster’s cookies are his so it will always be πŸ˜€

shall stop here!

`cheryl .
somehow rather hate her or mayb them at times. they made me do it, so don’t blame me .