Had spot check this morninqqqqq! HAHAAHRS!
i didn’t kena caught ! BLEAHHHS! cause… i’ve got extra clip :DD i pulled up my socks~ I pulled my skirt longer . yeahs! see i nvr get caught! I SO GUAIIIIIIII :DDDDD
Than that Gerald.. sabo us ): He go ask that jenny ang to check this check that ._. SHE ACTUALLY DIDN’T CAREEE ):
anyways, Jasper frindge was longgg! Supposing he should tio but then the Gerald, Jenny ang , Mr Singh or smth.. ands dno who larhs . All nvr catch him, cause they gave him a chance ._.
Miss Koh didn’t come today so that gay teacher took over our class. He DIDN’T even bother wth we are doing :DDD bleahs,he rocks!
Eng period… Went compp lab . Did’nt get to play compp … just go there do asknlearn thing ._. it sucks . just copy copy copy ~ feel so lameeee!
HE period. it rocks 😀 we did crossword puzzle ands we played ~ wahs so cool :DDD HE prac is next week! WHOOOHOOOOS~ Actually theory ain’t that bad though .
HE revision .. we cam whored! hahahahahahar :DD

Dance meeting today … Dance meeting was at 2.15 . went up at 2.12 then we to hall . thought we we were late then we reach there then haven’t start … we waited and waited until damn sians . then me, Beaunice, Chloe went out the hall to blow wind~ It’s raining and we played with e rain water . damn nice :DD anyways was wet rdy .
Then after that LiLing asked for our hp nums .. then later nothing ready then dismissed. So boh liaos . some kinda dance meeting . waste time! anyways stayed till ard 5.30 like tht .
Hahas we walked ard awhilleee then went to class . who knows class is unlocked! cos the teetos lar! do class deco then nvr lock door. then they do until so ugly summore so Beaunice decided to redo! thens i very sians lurhs .. walk here walk there . then later after that we went down to walk ard~
then we went into air riffle range for the first time xD
Saw Shi xuan xD shi xuan blurr like sotonggg! told her many times i in dance rdy .. then she ask us …
“hellos! ehs, you all what cca? nvr go cca arhs ? you all choir rite?”
“nono! we MODERN choir ” (beaunice)
“Yeahs! we skipped CCA!”(me)
“ORH ORHS! Better go your choir ! cannot slack or skip cca!”
“is MODERN CHOIR!” (beaunice) ..
then we were laughing! lmaos . she don’t figure it out we’re not from choir x.x
then we followed her! we’re hongkong studeenttts! HAHAHAR 😀
blahs blahs then they went into AVA room so we went away . we somehow played tour guide and Beaunice was the best! then she damn funnny lurhs ..
Then we went home …
& OH YARHS! saw Yuan de hair! looks like grassy! so cuuuuteee! i mean no offence btw!

then yarhs .. after sch was forced to talk photo with clarissa ._. anyways i took with her lorhs .
i looks so tooooot! those say me cute one really pajiao!

rain rain, ❤ :DD
` cheryl .