Backs from sch!
woahhiiieees 😀 so happy today meet so many fweennieeess!
Had some twiningg prog going on in our sch and Ms Soh rite her speech so … erms ..
making us wanna slp ? she talk until my eyelid so heavy! Then yeahs they came from HongKong. Lovees HongKong loaads! Hongkong peeps are friendlieeee like me ? ROFLS okays just jking .
anyways, lessons are as boring as usual . I kinda hate lit . kena TEAMED with Beverly and some other guys . i hate you man . anyways why am i dirtying my blog with some peeps name ? really just, i hate you so (: BHB + Thick skin and summore so flirt . ERR XIIINNN LAAARHHHHS!
Today is upper sec attire spot check. tml gonna be our turn . AWHHHS WHO CARES ? me! i don’t want anba cutting my hair. it’s gonna suck like hell . mayb worst then my own cutting ): SOOOOO… i shall bring an extra clip tml :DDDDD i shall NOT wear ankle socks . ( or mayb wearing sch socks then fold it :DDD ) my skirt’s no prob 😀 it’s nort damn short kinda thing .
anyways so cool :DDDD GEOG LESSON’s getting me sleepy! we did something ..
from e newspaper …




o.o a hearttttt :DD



hmmx yarhs, we did this 😀 pratically talk and play . they are cute rite :DD
hahar :DD we were saying who were they .

ands yars! my darlinqq!

chioo buuu! don’t luan luan dian ren wor!

she’s a CUTEAYE! love you loads, yeahs ? 😀

anyways, shall complete those left out holis hw (:
so sayonara! shall post at nite for mei’s b’day tml :DDD

-i’ve edited this part-

Tml’s gonna suck . i somehow don’t know why . just could feel it!
hmmx .. i’ve been like a suck up for like a whole day . really!
repeat pls ! cheryl’s a SUCK UP.
really arhhs . i suck , my life suck too x.x
i don’t know whats going on, i just know that it’s all a sucking up thing .
i guess i don’t wish to know too .
somhow don’t like sch animore . i rather stay at home borred, starring at the wall .
it like very weird that i’m feeling like this .
btw, i don’t emo . i’m an anti-emo kinda thing .
someone helpp meeeeeeeeee!

` cheryl & she sucks a BIG TIME .