For a VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ultra long time, i haven’t maple!
Thats what i did today πŸ˜€ i on to see my dearies! hahars .
we took some ss which i think was cuteee πŸ˜€
many thing haven’t change, ehs ?

we rocks !
me and darlinqq janey πŸ˜€ still that siao siao girl iloveyous :D

cuteaye yeahs πŸ˜€

none other then my baobei πŸ˜€

ah gong!
ah gong aka qq0qqieex, hahars! love his seal seal :DD

ChubbySquash that idiot, rofls! none other then Janey’s panda

monkeys! <3
me and sgril mei de monkeys! their so cuttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€
h0wever, my BENdanx became a doll ):

Miss them truckloads x3 haven’t see moveit yet. miss her alort alort ):

this was taken in christmas :DDDDD JessBunny!
pro ehs ?

Me and Jm <33
Miss JM loadds too! ❀

none other then DIT BABY :DDDDDDDD

lovees todays loads, due to visiting maple friends and peeps from LTC are back! OOMG LORHS! Homework nort done -gasp- CHERYL, YOU MUST COMPLETE BY FRIDAY YEAHS?!
anyways …

Welcome people from LTC back :DDDDD