Today ! yeahs today …
today was boredd .. very very very bored D:
today was sians … very very very sians .
Practically blogging, msning and doing homeworks .
miss friends dearly . mayb that kinda why i don’t like sch holis .
i miss the morning we play and the noise!
but come to think of it .. i can sleep kinda late .. hahars .
i chnged blogskin cos i’ve been very sick of my other one . but then, i’m not real sastified with this skin kinda thing .
the picture ” ” was done by cassandra đŸ˜€ i love it manns .
i’m bored . can you see it ?
i hate dentist . i have to go bck to sch tml just for it .
arghhs .. i’m having sore troat as well D:
there’s plenty of homework but i’ve only done 1/100 of it LOL!

okays. thats for now (:
` cheryl .