Just cam back from bbq! wasn’t that succesful wor x.x
most people came ard 4+ .. then yeahs got some people came later!
Keep going 7-11 to buy things which i thought was so lame
Then Debbie and e boys went swimming in home clothes then kena by one kpo aunty .
but she was kind to remind them that cannot swim in home clothes right! i’m good yeahs o.o
Then start bbq very late .. ard 7 pm … then some haolians tried doing e fire when daddy offered to help then they did’nt one then in the end we took hours trying to make e fire thing .. then later very late then mama and papa came to help then later finally can liaos!
then at e time we were like damn bloodehh hungry .
Then after we eat meat and etc etc .. we went to the function room then we sit then off the lights .. they keep talking abt that thingg! eyeeerrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs! Then later after that we all very scared then we stick close to one another . then JianShen was lame and we love it! hahars!
JS ” One day horr…”
us ” horrrr!”
Js ” then one ah mah go pray horrr …”
us ” horr!”
JS ” then later horrr …”
us “hooorrr!”
then we continuedd .. (x
we make alort alort of noise, but we scared disturb until people lols!
Most people went home at ard 9.3O cos they were scared of .. ahems!*
is like only 10+ people came lurhs , so iss’nt really a 6D gathering T-T
nvmms at least we had enjoyed right! i really miss them loadds!there’s LTC tml yeahs!
Once again wishing peeps whose going to LTC to enjoy !
Cheryl will miss you all, LOL!(x