Went out with darlingg MJ,retardedDADDY ,retardedMUMMY, Teetos, SX, Eugene . ahh yeas, we 7 person 😀
my word for today was “tortises”, hahas ! Reached the mrt station, then thought i was late.. who knows when i reach they haven’t reach then cos they wait for retard daddy . omg tortises ! lols ..
Reached plaza sing alone, thanks to that damn damn crowded train and then could not find them . We reach for quite awhile then the boys arhs … TORTISES! so late then reach . then after they reach went straight away to e cinema . bought tickets for L .
Then after that we shop shop ard! ohs ya, mummy gave me a handfone pouch is at the top got 3 words “iloveyou” then below got a LOLLIE ! woot! i lovee it, but i’ve got too mny handfone pouch! thankkies ❤ .
Then went to foodcourt as MJ and daddy haven’t eat so i and mummy pei-ed them . MJ eat fast just that daddy ate faster rofls! then went to buy minimelts <33333! wooooooooooo, i love 'em so muchhy! then went watch movie .
L was nice! i wanna watch again! there was a crappy part to scary . tio shocked .. L is hunch-back then he try to walk straight then is damn funny . then the way he type… ohmygosh! nvr seen anyone type like that before! The ending was sad though . L died cos he write his name on e deathnote book then he burn-ed it away! so sad …
Then went to Bugis with ’em . train damn squeezy, kena squeeze till become pancake @.@ Then that SX so noisy .. keep on grumbling ..
Thn reach Bugis, went to e neos 😀 We paid only $1 each andd Teetos paid he rest! awhhs, it cant be help. Rich ppl like him like to help rite ? 😀 Anyways the boys are grumbling cos they were pull to take with us LOL! they say” whre got boy take neos one!” lmaos larhs then is like so squzy till cnt fully see everyone . then they went home .
Left me, darlingg & daddy . wanted to eat then decided we’re too full cos had nachos and popcorn at cinema so we did’nt eat dinner . went to e neos agains . neo-whored whole day ? :X Then they went home . went to find my real mummy . did’nt know that cao ge was at Bugis for his qian chang hui till gan ma told me so . then aft that bought a pair of slippers and a keychain! whooooooos! then went home . Then is like wdf . tio ignored by SOMEONE? T-T
also found out i’ve been stalked by Adidas aka Clarissa x.x

loveed Cheryl .