Die die also must post today! Four years once !- 29’th Febby! Omg 4 years onceeeee like olympic lols .
Suucking HE ! did the work till like 12 then today tell me too short?! whaas, cher! you wan murder issit! must re-do T-T! <- 6 pages! ARGHHHHHHHHHHS! After school stayed at school to eat then played truth or dare everytime i kena they ask me those crap ques ._. eyerrrrrrhhhhhhhs .. . But fun though!
had dance meeting today . jus meeting lurhs ._. so lame la 30 mins only . then stayed till 5.30 pm . Beaunice went home early and i was bored D: i jus wondered ard lurhs .. till 5.30 i cnt wait anymore . suppose to wait for Kim and Caca but was too bored and dying of it … so went home! hahas yeahhs …
i kinda hate today too .. i dno why! i hate everything at home . really, i do! maybe its the reason why i like to stay back at school !
got my CA results ! 1 A1 dno how mny b3s and A2s … none fail 😀 yuups, quite contented . will strive harder nxt term but will not become a nerd . BLEAHS xD
Tml finally going watch L! yeahs~ I waant watch e ‘ The Leap Years’ too lehs! bleahhs . tml to ps ~ here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . hohohos ~

happy 290308 !