Woahs woahs! So damn pro of Beaunice!
She pulled down Teetos pants totally! lmaoos! then rite he was like pulling up his pants (DUHH!) Then Minjun was like sitting right in front of him and she saw … LMAOS! I seriously did’nt see anything cos i faster turn! then the whole class was like … LOL! anyways is Beauince tot that Teetos pants is tight then she did’nt know it was so loose!
Then had Bio! OMG I SO LOVE BIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! whoo hoooooos! No more Goldfish de mother liaos! YAYYYYS! I’m so gonna take pure bio nxt time 😀 (except cutting of life frog T-T)
Thens was maths . had back algebra paper! whooohoooooos i got 10/10 ! YAYS 😀 but thens my CA1 results ._. 67%! T-T Then parents signature for e common test paper… I dno how am i gonna die sia!
Have meet e parents section at march . I DUN WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOOHOOOOS!
Cassandra and e rest came for pw . We haven even started then they went home liaos . ALAMAKS! how how?!

live life the fullest! why rmb all those sad things when theres only 24 hrs a day ? why even fill your mind with crap to upset yourself rather than to rmb all those happiness you had for that day ?