randomly post today .
Miss Koh exploded cos afew ppl did’nt do their work . she gave us alort of days, yarhs . but you noe la the guai kia did her work :DDDDDD then when she talk that time she was like crying (thats wht me and claris heard) . This teaches me not to be a teacher next time!
yeahs .. test and test this and next wholeeeeeeeeee week! sians larhs! okays i did study abit . today i got chi test and its damn random . i did’nt know alot of it T-T retarded!
Ands ya that xiuyuan nvr come today . okays dun luan luan xiang orhs . it’s cos we wanna see he cut hair de yang zi lols ._. woahs today alot of psls cut hair cos last fri mr anba say wan spotcheck on our attire . but i did’nt do anything to my hair ? :X
I cut abit of my frindge of my own today 😀 it did became shorter but i only cut abit but it seems alot! hopes parents does’nt realise it . so far they did’nt . hohohos!