Okays . today was okays 😀
Waited for RuiJun cos that retarded papa wanna get smth from her so i wait with her . then aft that canteen got lion dance then see tio e Clarissa . She very very bad lorhs! i so guai give her disturb D: She go take my bag then say is her cos she’s call addidas! so bad rite!
Then she play play dun wan return then i so paiseh run infront of her friends like siao za bor liddhart . so retarded lurhs!
then rite she go use my comb go comb her hair T-T EEEEEEEEEEEEEYEEERHS! Then later she go take my comb then force me take photo with Judith! EYERRRRRRHS! Okays then after that then she return!
the lion dance can make ppl deaf one cans … DAM BLOODEH LOUDDDDDD!
Then rite … The person who bought my dog come call complain to my father say he anyhow bark then rite any how da xiao bian ! i laugh until stomach pain cans! wish he would wanna refund!