hahas! i wanted to post late so that i can write abt everything in a day ! YEAHS 😀
okays on Chinese new year eve NITE, was’nt very happy though . Did’nt count down then went to bed . yeahs …
1st day
It’s e day i collected most angbaos 😀 Due to my mother the family members are more then my father side, yeahs thats whye i got more angbaos on e first day (x Then as normal we went to visit relativeeeees . Eat ALORT ALORT ALORT ALORT of things xD Then in the aftnoon go ,visit papa that side de relatives .

2nd Day
Can’t really rmb what i did yeahs … But rmb aftnoon went to da yi hse for steamboat for lunch! yarhs then Da Jie de fren ZiYang came . They very couple like canns! Ya then aft that abt 3 we start playing blackjack then e luck was okay okay did’nt actually lose or win muchh … Then yarhs we play till like dinner time then by that time i lose quite alort . It was then gan ma come then she be banker .. I LOST ALORT CANNS! ALORT ALORT ALORT! Wa that nite her luck is gawd damn good and she win like $90 0ver! OMG LARHS! I LOSE ALORT T-T I still tot it’s okays cos one year once 😀 Nvr play Taitee cos kinda forget how play rdy … Yarhs then had wine 😀 its very sweet lorhs .

3rd day
We went out only at late aftnoon that day . Went to gan ma de hse … Eat stmboat agains .. This time with 2 cans of ABALONEEEEEEE 😀 was nice lurhs! one year eat once D: Then stay awhile go papa boss de hse . His hse got 3 dogs cannss! THEiR LIKe SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 I LOVEEEEE THEM! hohohos! But all of them are injured in one way or another . so ke lians ): but they really damn cute cans! Yarhs then e boss is kinda hilarious and horny cans ._. Thens aft tht go back to gan ma de hse then gamble again .. is like sian cans .. onlike zhong 2 times ban luck then e rest i lose alort of money … then when wan go home that time i realise i only left $1.50 .. is like wanna cry la ! I NVR EARN ANY MONEY ON BOTH DAY LARHS ! INSTEAD I LOSE ALORT ALORT ALORT ALORT …

Ands ya.. Now is abt todays larhs . Some old friennd of my mother came .. Had steamboat .. This steamboat was diff cos we had chicken rice 😀 Then is very bored lurhs … Then now blogging and msn-ing .. ahaas . Had red wine . very hot larhs! nort nice one .
Overall did’nt collect alort of angbao and money .. Did’nt have alort of new clothes .. Very sian de CNY .. BUT WITH JOEY I’M CONTENTED 😀 lols .
Tml starting sch . Kinda cnt wait cos dun nid be at home and can see fwends lols . Okays im weird . IS LIKE OMG COS GOT TEST TML AND I NVR STUDY T-T I WAN CRY LORHS ! T-T