Today was like dam funny la! Miss Koh said empty vessel makes the most noise then Richard, Justin( not e psl ) ands Timothy was like yoo make alort noise marhs teacher . SO miss koh was like i’m a teacher what … So miss koh was like stop talking then what she wann say she rite on e whiteboard then is like dam funny larhs ! ahaas . Then we keep laughing non-stop . then when miss koh thought of a way to dui fu they 3 then she started toking back xD seriously, i wonder what happen to them :X Then rite! Miss Koh wrote this words : Mess with the best, die with the rest . Yeahhs, then she wrote on the board ” the best” then arrow down then she stand below of it . we were laughing until cnt laugh la! ahaas.
After sch liaos, when alort ppl go rdy, i notice we were watched from the class opposite us la ._. okays yoo noe who marhs ? i noe la . but was like heck care arhs :X Then ya alort of them from e other class use e book to spin spin spin then is like they trying to howlians ? xD ii oso dunnoe ._.
Erms then yarhs . we want go bugis at sat then is like they wan ask kester go andd oso another person go . obviously nv tell them who going xD andd thens e kester was like wahhs da gor gor bring xiao mei meiS go class outing ? ahaas . then he say see how he mood ._. kns de la . then sec 3s at OBS so cannort ask ’em go … T-T andd summore i nort sure what to wear .
tml got prac agains andds ya i not familiar with it T-T I wanns cny come fast fast! ahaas. i’ll be laughing at e performance that day .. especially the performance ” ahems” . yuups i prommise i will . ahaaaaaaaas! andds well very very very miss them . de yzS ):
Hao liaos lerhs, go liaos byes! (x
ohs yas . Kester is a total RETARD canns :X