OOOOHHHS! How boring can weekends be ? HOMEWRK HOMEWRK HOMEWRK! okays its no fun at all DD:
sometimes i really enjoy being at school thouu i dun like studying ? lols xD andd sometimes i rather be at home! Common TestS are in a week time!! OHHMYEGAWDDDD! Geog.. i really really really wanna slp in geog classes .
i wonder whye they teach lower sec chimalogy subjects ._. Science is like maths now ? er yarhhs … Mrs Chin is like COPY COPY COPY !
Okays its at least better then geog ? I A
GREEE ! ahhaaas!
What cann do on sats ? homework ._. yeahs! i really really really really wish to be in escape theme park NOW ( not so fun ardy but isn’t it better than being home? ) ahhas . very very long nvr go liaos arhs .
Ohhs ya, really hate recess with upper sec . they simply cut queues and jus squeeze throu ? i become pancake alrdy xD andd yarhs when yoo see the canteen dun even have a space left yoo really dun feel like eating animore .
How i miss the time in yz !
ahhaas . back to homework :X decided to stay at home today cos going out is like sian-ed . andd yeahs i very very super guai one larhs!


ahhhaaas . i lazy do homework liaos . no more hw for the day :DD
YAYS! Later going KTV with Jojo they all ! whoooooooooos! so long bohh go liaos . Anyways, I cnt really sing due to my terrible voice today . dunnoe how arhs :X HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSS! ANND ANND I LOST MY BELOVED NECKLACE ): I WANN CRYYYY LIAOS !