Today was’nt happy or sadd but messy!
It all started in the morning… i woke up after the alarm ringed then i went back to sleep agains which nv happen in this very year! ( ohhs, i’m so guai xD) yeahhs then when i see the alarm clock then it was lyk 6 alrdy! then i panic-ed so i faster go wash-up and suchh . then when i come back then i checked the time again then i see it was then 6 ==” mayb i was blur blur bahhs xD anyways i was on tim for the bus kekes …
When i reached the mrt i walked striaght away to sch lurhs thens hor at the D&T Block which is said to be haunted, sumone was lyk CHERYL! yahhs the person called me, but at first i did’nt look back until i was called the second time . thens i was looking ard to see who ( actually, i did’nt recognise e voice) yeahs cos it was dark dark de then ltr i saw who was it lurhs . then when i reach e parade sqr i saw the time was lyk on 6.45! i normally reach sch at ard 6.50 ? mayb i walked fast ? the mrt was fast ? i have no idea too ._. it was’nt until i realised i’m the 2nd person to b in class! suprsied; it was mye first time being so early xD
Lessons were as usual, BORING ! Ms Koh was real angry with us for our rubbishh aka homework we passed up that day! we were given a first and a last warning andd made to do corrections with her ==” thats how we used up our 1 hr (x recess today was lyk 10.30 lurhs andd its lyk so lateeeee! kekes.
The morning Assembly was lyk okokays lurhs . Seniors talked about their trips made to countries lyk Australia;Perth and HongKong today . Then yarhs, Justin Teo went to the stg to talk abt his reflections and so on .. blah blahs~
Aft school we borrowed the Lion from wushu to practise but they were particularly plyaing? hahas . it was fun though ! Cant MD start faster?!
Anyways yarhs, i miss ex 6D-ians ): I WANNS GO BACKK SCHH FAST FAST !
Kays go liaos! I find today Funny !
P.s. I kenaa alort of Mosquitoes bite on my back T-T . Andds, there is actually mny things ,ot that important,i did not post on . kekes …